Struggling With Most Aspects

Aug 18th '16 17:29 PM
Hi all,

Am really in need of a boost. I lost 2st on my own before joining SW through eating more healthily and going to the gym, and since joining I've lost another 1st.

I enjoyed eating more healthily and going to the gym on my own, that was fine. Then I hit a plateau at the 2st mark that I couldn't shake for three months. That's what led me to join SW. I went for a few weeks but stopped as at my group (the only one I could attend due to work and other commitments), everyone was in their established cliques and as I'm rather shy, I ended up on my own and feeling like I was just paying a fiver a week to get weighed. So I've been doing it on my own.

I'll be honest, I'm crap at getting my speed foods in because I just don't like or enjoy most vegetables, so I'm limited (however I do manage to have a very speedy salad most days with some chicken and boiled eggs thrown in). I've stopped keeping high-syn snack foods in the house, and I rarely drink (though when I do, it's those damn fruit ciders that I love so much).

I try and get to the gym three times a week, but sometimes life is annoying and gets in the way, plus sometimes I just have no motivation when I get home from work in the evenings.

I feel like I need someone to yell at me a bit and just get me back on track? I've got another 2st that I want to lose and now that I seem to have hit another loss plateau (though my measurements have changed recently--another new set of bras!) I feel like I'll never manage it.

I suppose what I'm saying is HELP?!
Aug 18th '16 18:17 PM
Sorry to hear you're having a rough time with losses it stinks when that happens!!
Well done on your losses so far, that's fantastic!

Have you tried 'hiding' the veg? I know that you will know it's in there, but if you did something like blending the veg up, so in a bolognese for example, cook off the veggies, but then blend them up and mix them into your normal sauce mix? You still get the advantage of the speed food, but you don't see it

You say you've lost on your measurements, which is a fantastic thing! I know it's not what you want to see on the scales, but it is still a good thing and if you've increased your exercise at all, the drop in losses could be because your muscles are retaining water to heal... A possibility anyway!

Do you use enough Syns? Or at least 5 each day? Maybe try increasing them if you only use very few each day?
Do you eat the same foods all the time? If so, changing your menus around could help too.
Have you tried having a 'cheat meal' once a week? I know so many people who are on plan and within their Syns 95% of the week, but have just one meal each week that is completely off plan. It can help to make your metabolism work more...

I really hope you find why your losses have stalled, I know how annoying it can be to find they've stopped!
We're all here for support when you want it x

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Aug 18th '16 18:51 PM
Thanks for the words of encouragement, Sarah. Means a lot

You know, I remember someone telling me about hiding the veg in sauce before, so I think I might whip up a massive batch of it to freeze and defrost a little at a time. That'd be a really great way of making sure I'm getting in my speed. Do you have any recommendations of which veg would go best in a tomato-based sauce? Any other types of sauce you'd recommend?

I'm trying to work harder at the gym, though I literally had to bully myself into going last night. Managed over 7.5 miles in 35 minutes on the exercise bike doing intervals, which was brutal but worth it when I saw the screen at the end. I've recently upped my water intake to compensate, I'm making myself get through a 2L bottle of water every day at work. I wonder if my body just gets used to things too quickly.

I'd say I probably do use enough Syns, though I also think I could probably do better keeping track of them. I was doing really well for a while by having a few matchmakers each day, and then a couple of times I ended up eating the whole box after a bad day, so I thought best just to get rid of them. I do stick to a lot of the same meals, so I'll try switching things up. It's just difficult sometimes to find meals that I want to eat and don't take hours to make, especially because I mostly cook just for me (though the boyfriend enjoys his weekly chilli left overs delivery haha).

Funny you should mention a cheat meal since I've just stuck a massive pizza in the oven :P

Thanks again for all the advice and ideas, I'm definitely going to try changing things around and swapping some stuff into my meal rotation
Aug 18th '16 19:18 PM
You can throw anything into any dish in my opinion
Carrot, onion, courgette, peppers, are all great for hiding in a sauce.
Cauliflower is great as a rice substitute, blitz until small, fry it off in a wok until cooked, I usually add a little garlic and soy sauce too.

What about batch cooking one day? Pick a Sunday or something, pick out 2 or 3 recipes and spend the afternoon (or morning ) cooking them and freeze them in portions. It saves me massively from ordering takeaways when I'm being lazy or short on time

I'd defo swap your meals around if you're doing the same things most weeks. It's surprising how much it can help

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Aug 19th '16 13:21 PM
I used to do batch cooking all the time, can't believe I didn't think of it this time. I'm definitely going to try a tomato-based sauce with the veg blended in. Can you suggest any other kinds of sauces I could put with stuff? I know I'm going to get sick of tomato-based sauce really quickly if I have it with everything.

I have tried the cauliflower rice a few different ways but it just wasn't for me, sadly. It's a shame as it's an excellent solution.

Here's hoping I can sort some stuff out and get these next two stone gone!
Aug 19th '16 18:54 PM
Curries? Shepherds pie? Casseroles? Pasta bakes? They can be tomato based, but a different kind of tomato based

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Aug 23rd '16 07:50 AM
That's very true! I'll get my cooking cap on and see what I can come up with