Food when drinking?

Apr 20th '16 13:36 PM
So if you have an evening of drinks planned do you just go all out and eat food you would usually avoid or eat good?

I do a bit of a combination but mostly I stay good before drinking ... at beginning of my journey I would think I may as well just enjoy it all but I go down hill AFTER the drinking. For example weekend past I ate good but drank the 2 weekend nights (oops lol) but by Sunday I craved crap so I had Dominos pizza and so on Monday I had to deal with the food hangover. Pizza is the worst choice for me.
Apr 20th '16 14:17 PM
I usually eat pretty good before I go out... my problem is that the taxi place is next to a takeaway, so it's almost certain that I end up going in there before I go for a taxi

If I don't go to the takeaway, I can end up binging the next day... then again that can happen even if I do get a takeaway
Apr 26th '16 10:22 AM
If I am going out for dinner I can usually make good enough choices, if we go out for drinks after dinner I am not too bad either as I've already had a nice meal out, I still go way over syns on alcohol though. The worst is if it just a night out. I'll eat really healthily up until the minute I go out, then drink and then can't resist cheesy chips and garlic sauce at the end of the night!
Apr 26th '16 10:35 AM
I caved to a chicken kebab a couple of weeks ago waiting for a taxi too, I didn't even regret it