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Mar 21st '16, 13:19 PM  
SoSlim Addict
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So I've just had 12 hot cross buns delivered. I ordered them for the rest of the family. Or so I say. I love hot cross buns with proper butter! How can I resist?
Luckily my kids are too grown up now to get lots of Easter eggs. But for those with little ones, I feel your struggle.
We need to support each other at this difficult time lol
Mar 21st '16, 23:30 PM  
SoSlim Star
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my daughter is 9 and we have told her she can have 1 egg from us and choose it herself. we buy craft things to do instead of loads of eggs which we all love to do together. She only has 3 eggs so far and will get something from her auntie.

Have told the hubby not to get me an egg/chocolate.

I love hot cross buns though too. Trying to resist them aswell as friend from work gave me a few.
Mar 22nd '16, 00:39 AM  
SoSlim Star
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LOL I have a rather generous egg waiting for me, and no doubt I'll 'help' my youngest with hers.. lol I'm fed up trying to lose weight at the moment and to be honest hubby's birthday today and easter next weekend are not helping in the slightest. haha
Mar 23rd '16, 11:40 AM  
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As I started reading I instantly though with real butter and maybe drooled... they are a must with real butter. I might try and grab us some too.

I'm going to enjoy Easter a little, be extra good around it and keep going to my gym sessions without guilt.
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