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' forum. Struggling with your diet? Stopped and need a kick up bum to get going again? We've all been there. Come in here to confess and get motivation (and tough love if needed).
Sep 21st '15, 10:09 AM  
SoSlim Newbie
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PaulB, I know your reply was for Naomi, but thank you for writing all that out. I found it really informative and useful.

Naomi, I don't really have any advise, I just wanted to give you a (((hug)))) and hope that you can find the help and support you need xx
Sep 21st '15, 17:17 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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Naomi, it probably isn't a massive help. But I'm also a binge eater, any emotion that isn't the norm and I'm straight away desperate to eat. Thankfully from somewhere I've managed to get some willpower and not go for my old favorites - biscuits, cakes and McDonald's. But I am conscious that it's probably still early days and I'm 'in the zone' so when that starts to slip I'll have a fight on my hands.

But... One of the biggest things I've done is found things which are low in SW syns, like space raider crisps, hifi's, mini flapjacks etc. If something has set me off then I tend to drive straight home after work and avoid all shops, grab a huge glass of fizzy pop to drink really fast, then I'll eat a packet of crisps and sometimes a hifi bar. Consequently I'll feel as sick as a pig and it helps stop the need for a bigger binge.

Like I say it might not be helpful to you and some people might be screaming at the screen but that is the best way I've found for me! At least it is something while you wait
Oct 11th '15, 21:53 PM  
Socially Shy
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I binge when I am unhappy in areas of my life. It makes me feel better in that moment. Afterwards I feel so guilty, as if I like sabotaging my weight loss on purpose but I'm not. If things are going great in my life, I find it so easy to stay on plan. It's a tough one!
Oct 12th '15, 08:11 AM  
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I was flitting about websites last week and came across a few quotes that really hit home for me. All about habits and replacing eating patterns with new ones. Lot of issues I had come across in eating disorder therapy. Anyway got the book Conquer Your Food Addiction by Caryl Ehrlich from which the quotes were taken. Am slowly working my way through it but so far its really inspiring. It deals with the 'how' part of dieting. Which is what I need. I know what to eat and what are the better options. I know why I need to do this. However I keep slipping up. The how answers that part. How do I make the change? How do I stick to it? How do I cope without my pizza? or chocolate cake?
A long time ago I read a self help book that stated no matter how much you you agree with an author or how brilliant the system seems the only way you can judge things like this is by how much real life difference it has made. It is an 8 step program involving lot of practical work on the part of the reader. Am just up to step 1 Will see how it goes.
Oct 12th '15, 20:31 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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That sounds really interesting. I am also a binge eating. I sometimes panic that I can't possibly live on this diet forever which is stupid as its not a diet. I know what food to eat, I enjoy healthy food but I can't stop binging on (for me) crisps and wine!
Oct 14th '15, 10:01 AM  
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Binge eating can be addressed if you feel it's beyond control, eating disorders isn't just about anorexia .There are several treatment strategies for binge eating disorder and therapy options to get to the root of why people have compulsive eating disorders.

Don't be embarrassed about it, if you think its' out of control go and discuss options with your doctor x
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