Binge eating at work!

Jul 4th '15 10:56 AM
I'm a nurse so we get lots of goodies from visitors. When I first started dieting I had the motivation to ignore all the lovely food on offer. Now I've lost a bit, I just can't stop bingeing.
Yesterday I had 2 shortbread biscuits, a triple choc cookie, a large piece of choc sponge cake and 4 squares of mint Aero choc.
Then I was hungry when I got home at 9 pm and we had not healthy snacks, so I had 3 digestive biscuits and a Nakd choc orange bar.
I'm disgusted with myself! 😶
Jul 4th '15 14:58 PM
I wouldn't actually worry all too much - it was only one binge day, wasn't it?
I had an awful day yesterday too, I tried to be good at work but I found out that the sandwich thing that I'd bought were 5 syns, and then I had a bag of quavers and a chocolate bar. I had to go to my partners mum's after work as his it was his sister's prom. There was a buffet .... I had so much bread, and cheese and dips.

I felt awful too - but I'm back on it today and hoping for a better weekend
Jul 4th '15 18:39 PM
It can be really hard to stay on track on days like that at work can't it! I used to work in an office and it was always someone's birthday and there would be cakes etc. So hard to resist when they're right there in front of you all day!
Jul 4th '15 18:44 PM
Definitely really hard! Luckily my team isn't as sociable as all your teams sound, we just keep our heads down and get on with work. Then again that's also a reason why I over snack at work too...
Jul 7th '15 15:14 PM
I can only imagine the temptations at certain work places ... You know I would bin the lot as a favour to everyone else's health

The reason you will hungry is because of the sugar spike you gave yourself, once you dip back down from that you will crave the crap again ... replace this kind of hunger with a healthier choice of berries, greek yogurt, rice cakes with nut butters etc BUT it's easier said eh.

All aside the most important thing is to get back on, we have all don it. Plenty of water and greens today? x
Jul 7th '15 15:33 PM
HI Alicat, im a nurse aswell, and the temptation is always there. I am not the best fruit eater either and when there is always chocolates biscuits etc I would eat one of the before a piece of fruit.

IN DESPERATE NEED OF MOTIVATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 7th '15 18:39 PM
Thanks for the positive responses everyone!
Lyndsey, I came to this forum in need of support and motivation. I've found everyone's ideas are brilliant, and keeping my food diary for everyone to see is a way of shaming myself into not bingeing. I suppose the trick is to be totally honest with yourself. It's also really interesting to see what everyone else is eating as it gives you meal plans and ideas. Xx
Jul 7th '15 19:33 PM
Sometimes we need really naughty days to remind us why we on this path!

I agree to follow up with some good food and water.

Good luck for weigh-in day AliCat!

Belle xx
Jul 8th '15 23:33 PM
I know what you mean by tough! It is hard to have the willpower to say no! Also I don't know about you but I feel awkward and sometimes rude not participating, rspecially if they made goodies specially for you.

Best thing is to let the anger go. Come up with a plan to help you through next time instead, like some fruit near by or some slow syn niceties you can have instead should your motivation waver! Just be positive about your next day, be prepared and remember it is a journey. None of us would be on this path if we were perfect!

Like you said you at least are honest about it, and know where to get some motivation .
Jul 16th '15 22:42 PM
Binge ate again just because the goodies were there and I felt I deserved a treat. Shortbread, chocolate cake and jelly sweets. Not as bad as before but feeling really cross now. I desperately need a contingency plan for work. How lucky I only do 2 shifts a week!