Binge eating at work!

Jul 16th '15 22:59 PM
Could you use some mental tactics? i.e. thinking about germs, or the bad side of the food ahead of you? Not allow yourself even one 'treat'?

Put some fruit in the same place as the treats and then make the better choice?

might not work but options you could use.
Jul 17th '15 09:41 AM
I think I definitely need to take a bag of fruit with me next time. Trouble is, I start at 1pm so have to eat lunch about 12. By 5 o'clock my tummy is usually rumbling because who wants to go to work feeling full and bloated? So I've got to prepare for that late afternoon hunger. I will do this! ☺
Jul 17th '15 10:42 AM
Quote by AliCat:
I'm a nurse so we get lots of goodies from visitors. When I first started dieting I had the motivation to ignore all the lovely food on offer. Now I've lost a bit, I just can't stop bingeing.
Yesterday I had 2 shortbread biscuits, a triple choc cookie, a large piece of choc sponge cake and 4 squares of mint Aero choc.
Then I was hungry when I got home at 9 pm and we had not healthy snacks, so I had 3 digestive biscuits and a Nakd choc orange bar.
I'm disgusted with myself! 😶
Ali I know how that goes. my brother is a nurse and he says it's the tiredness gets him and causes him to eat everything that isn't nailed down (his words although I've been known to do the same myself) He always makes sure that there is chopped pineapple and chicken slices to hand when he gets home.. Pineapples sweet and protein kills the craving...NSO ya think that might help? Xx
Jul 17th '15 22:40 PM
I can only imagine how hard it must be being surrounded by so many unhealthy treats while at work.

All I can suggest is, as others have said, to have plenty of fruit or other no/low syn food that you can pick at throughout your shift.

I find it easier to resist temptation by having something to look forward to. When I visit my gran she is always offering me the chocolate and biscuits that she's eating, but I find it easy to resist by telling myself that when I get home I'll have a Cadbury's Highlights, made with skimmed milk instead of water (yum!), or a salted caramel Hi-Fi bar, or whatever. So maybe having some kind of 'treat' for yourself ready and waiting for when your shift finishes.

Sorry, I'm not really that helpful, am I? Hope you find something that works.
Jul 18th '15 10:11 AM
You are so helpful, thank you. I'm going to take fruit next shift and have some syns left for a treat when I get home. Other than that, it's good old-fashioned willpower that's lacking!
Jul 18th '15 18:29 PM
I work from around 2pm till 9.30pm and have switched up my main meal, so I have my main meal at lunchtime and take a sandwich and fruit for 'dinner' around 6pm.

do you have a break in which you could eat something more substantial than fruit?
Also what time do you finish? If it's too late to eat a heavy meal then maybe that would be an option?

I'm sure you can get through this, and tweak things so you're not left hungry.
Jul 18th '15 20:07 PM
I work 1:15 to 9:15 with a 30 minute break at around 6:30/7pm. We've got a fridge and a microwave so I usually have salad/soup/pasta or something else easy. I can't eat a lot at work or I get too bloated. And I can't eat after work as I find it too late. Basically I'm just being a pig when I see all the lovely treats that have been brought in. I feel I deserve some as I've done the hard work too! But I can't stop at just 1 because I've never had any willpower. I will get through this though, like you say. Especially with such support from you all xx
Jul 19th '15 11:08 AM
I work similar hours often with a smaller break - I only get half hour on a sunday due to time restraints we're expected to skip our longer break in the week. I know the challenge regarding not feeling too full and also not eating at 9.30pm or such. I do have fruit and yoghurt when I get home but my evening 'meal' is in my break so normally a sandwich and fruit.

You have got will power, as you're chewing over the fact that you're eating the naughty stuff. But it is hard, and new habits take time to form, so keep doing as your doing and trying to relearn and you'll get there. As you say you've got support here. and we do understand.
Aug 27th '15 22:24 PM
Soooo, I took fruit with me to work but totally made a pig of myself on a leaving colleagues goodies. I did it in secret too so nobody could see me. I could cry. I understand that accountability is key to turning my eating habits around, but I just feel I'm getting worse. I'm so ashamed that I hope once and for all I can kick this into touch.
Aug 15th '16 21:58 PM
I was in tears this morning, due to rather a lot of family stress at the moment. So when I got to work, I had 3 milk tray chocs, a piece of coffee gateau, a piece of muffin, a piece of shortbread, and then later on, a piece of lemon gateau. I didn't even feel sick, but I should have! I'm so cross with myself for being such a pig 🐷😔