Easter eggs!

Mar 31st '15 19:49 PM
I can't stop eating them already!!
I have such an addiction to Cadburys chocolate and keep eating it when I know it's there!

Apr 2nd '15 14:37 PM
Try and stick with high cocoa chocolate *hide* willpower needed I'm dreading it ... I will get myself some green & blacks chocolate in I think and some sugar free jelly although it doesn't fall in line with my detox right now it's better than diving into lot's of other things!

The kids eggs are in the car ....
Apr 2nd '15 18:48 PM
My family keep buying me chocolate, it's so hard LOL, I feel like I need to eat it all so it's gone as soon as possible

I will definitely look at higher cocoa chocolate though. It sounds like a bit of a better way to get my chocolate fix!

Jun 11th '15 14:23 PM
I still have 2 Easter eggs hidden in the cupboard, I think rolo and cream egg. I forgot about them until this thread

Belle xx