Peanut butter bars

Jan 13th '15 23:05 PM
I said I was going to start dieting this week and instead, I wound up making peanut butter bars (complete with peanut butter icing, to make matters even worse). I've already eaten about half the pan in just a couple of days, UGH.
Jan 14th '15 07:48 AM
Oops! I have that problem too with baking, it's hard to resist eating everything you have made. Homemade food is so yummy and the peanut butter bars sound delicious!
Jan 14th '15 20:22 PM
Peanut butter is a weakness for me and since buying the all natural peanut butter&co I could eat it by the spoon.

Good news is peanut butter can be good for you if natural and in moderation. It is nice with cold sliced apple.