Getting back on the horse

Jan 3rd '15 05:06 AM
I did my dreaded weigh-in today, and the holidays hit me harder than I thought! Instead of losing the extra ten pounds I figured I'd probably gain, it's fifteen. I am quite troubled by this. It's tempting to scale back my diet dramatically, but I know it won't give me the results I want.

Anyone else having a difficult time after the holidays? How are you managing?
Jan 3rd '15 14:07 PM
I am sorry you gained weight. I think it happens to everyone over christmas as there is so much tempting food around and it can be so hard restrict yourself. Best of luck with getting back on track though; you can do it!
Jan 3rd '15 14:21 PM
I'm right there with you Poppy. I nearly screamed when I stepped on that scale yesterday. Back on the horse is exactly where I am today.