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Its Groundhog week :( stuck losing the same stone over and over again.

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Dec 8th '14, 10:45 AM  
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Its Groundhog week :( stuck losing the same stone over and over again.

Monday - I wake up with a sense of hope. clean slate, start of a whole new week full of possibilities. Adventures yet to be had etc...... so the diet/healthy eating goes well. It really does not matter what diet I do at this point. They all seem to work. By Friday I have lost around a stone, By Sunday night I have eaten so much food I have put it all back on This is my fourth week of losing this same bleeping stone only to have it find its way back. Anyway just thought would post in the naughty corner as this will probably be my new posty home until I get some insight/inspiration/chloroform
Dec 8th '14, 19:26 PM  
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I go round in circles a lot lol I try and stick to the rule of drinking a lot of water ... A LOT!

... at least you're honest with yourself and can see yourself going round and round the same circle. It's not easy either way!
Dec 8th '14, 20:09 PM  
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I find the weekends really hard too. It's so easy to just lose the focus you have all week once the weekend is here. But you did do really well to lose the stone in the week though, it's good that your body seems to respond so well to diets, I can't believe you lost so much! Good luck with getting back on track this week
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