Hello again

Oct 8th '14 07:25 AM
Hi everyone,

I've not been around as I got a chest infection which pretty much laid me low. I didn't diet while I had it - not that I was up to eating properly but I think I made my way through my own body weight in honey

Unfortunately I put on 8lbs while ill - not sure how I managed that but I am back on it now and hopefully will have got rid of a good chunk of it come Saturday.

Hope you are all well and doing well with your plans. Best of luck for the coming week.

Marie xx
Oct 8th '14 08:10 AM
Hi Marie and welcome back!

Sorry to hear that you have been unwell. Hope you're fully recovered now!
Sorry about the weight gain, but fingers crossed you will soon lose it again!

Oct 8th '14 08:32 AM
Thanks Bev I am much much better now.

Had a little sneaky peek on the scales today and it's looking like it will come off again pretty easily, which is a relief haha.

Have a brilliant week xx