Not being good at all!

Aug 15th '14 20:34 PM
I've been totally bad and really it's just been lazy ...

He paid for Indian takeout Wednesday and KFC yesterday which I can't even remember the last time I had KFC but he was paying so yer why not

I know it's lazy but I'm not in the mood for being sensible food doesn't seem to be thought of until the time and I'm wondering what to make. No meal plans set while trying to use what's in the freezers/cupboards.

... Actually I feel rubbish for it!

Today at the Zoo I had a white bread ham sandwich and shared some chips followed by a 2 scoop icecream and washing down the day with vodka despite knowing I've tipped the scales up this last 2 days and I feel like ****!

This is only going to get worse with moving if someone doesn't slap me
Aug 15th '14 22:53 PM
its so hard to get back at it but once you do you will feel better...

Did the 5:2 diet this week and so far so good ! ( lost 3 pounds ...had a terrible headache the first day of fast but i hold on ...)

Food wise i am back at it ...was planning on running this weekend and of course looks like my periods are going to start There is always something to stop us being healthy lol
Aug 16th '14 06:59 AM
Sorry you're feeling like this. It can be really hard to stay on track when you have got so much going on. I sometimes find it hard to get back into the habit of being healthy after being off track.

Just draw a line under it and have a fresh start and don't let this hold you back. You can do it!