I'm really bad when there are leftovers around

Apr 25th '14 06:44 AM
I have to make sure that I put all leftovers into the freezer right away. Sometimes having too much extra food around backfires. It is especially hard when I am used to cooking in big batches and now am only cooking for myself. Spaghetti is one of those things that I like to have once in awhile but it's hard to make a single serving.
Apr 26th '14 11:11 AM
Leftovers can be so tempting, I hear you! I have found that if I eliminate everything I can that makes it easy to snack when I shouldn't it helps! There is no better demotivator than, "There is nothing EASY to eat". If I have to cook, it makes me think about if I am viably hungry or not.
Apr 26th '14 16:12 PM
I just can't leave leftovers and always end up eating them!
I try to make the exact amount for meals or I'll just eat it all otherwise!