A True Test of Portion Control

Apr 12th '14 23:54 PM
Portion control and wise choices form a large portion of the lifestyle changes I'm attempting. Now that that's stated, my other half is making cheesy scalloped potatoes with ham, which is one of my greatest weaknesses.

I've spent all day preparing mentally to put only a small portion on my plate and fill the rest of the plate up with fresh, lovely leafy greens. It's just too bad that scalloped potato overdose is calling before they're even made.

I believe I'll just have to be naughty tonight and forgive myself in advance.
Apr 13th '14 17:20 PM
I believe we should enjoy the things we love now and then! sounds yum!
May 3rd '14 10:19 AM
Isn't it funny how some foods just test your ability to control portions?! For me, it's also potatoes, made any way. Scalloped, baked, mashed, garlic roasted...for some reason my body just wants to eat them all! It's the biggest regular temptation I have!