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' forum. Struggling with your diet? Stopped and need a kick up bum to get going again? We've all been there. Come in here to confess and get motivation (and tough love if needed).
Mar 15th '14, 01:07 AM  
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I can see that you have diverse focal points now that you are back. Congratulations for that. Your program is good. I just have one question, how many days will you do this routine before you will take a break? It seems like four days is too long for me. Will a 2-day interval be good?
Mar 19th '14, 00:33 AM  
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I've not done the same workouts every day I'd not survive for 5 weeks I did x1 group run. My ab workout at home is fairly quick time wise, usually done while running a bath, I aim for 3-5 times and the gym 3 times a week which I've also shaken up and started varying what I do including some days I do more strength than others.

Last week I listened to my body and I did the same today

I've now upped my running twice a week x1 on my own x1 a group run with some local ladies.
Mar 19th '14, 06:30 AM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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Really well done, you have my total admiration. I find it much harder to motivate myself to exercise than I do to diet. Little steps for me at the moment. Sounds like you are fully on the exercise wagon. Keep up the good work
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