Thank you admin!

Feb 25th '14 22:03 PM
Someone must have been listening. Thank you So need this forum!

I've been seriously flagging. The last time I was properly on here I was getting over illness and think I hit a brick wall. I was meant to start at the slimming world group weeks ago but never made it. Totally lost the 'want' to go now

Think I'm still going do slimming world but do it from home. A friend of mine gave me some recipe books and syn value thingys they got when they joined last year. I haven't give up, just struggling, especially as I've put on about 8lbs in the last couple of months
Feb 25th '14 22:28 PM
What a great idea for a sub-forum!

Good luck, Mitch

Feb 27th '14 20:39 PM
Good luck getting back on it! It's so hard after hitting the wall - you can do it though!!
Mar 1st '14 15:04 PM
Good for you for not giving up! (: You will reach your goal eventually.

And I agree, this was a fantastic idea for a sub-forum. It will be a great place for support.