Naughty Corner

Feb 25th '14 00:45 AM
It's the naughty corner for me ... cutting corners and no gym has finally bitten my bum and I have toppled back into the 11stone bracket at 11st 0.4lbs Sunday morning and now have I realised just how much damage half a stone does with one pair of size 10 jeans not very comfy and another I can't wear again!

So today my fridge was topped with healthy foods and I am back on it although life is pretty chaos atm, between selling a house so I will be ending my gym contract with a months notice and making the most of it ... AF is due in 6 days so that will throw me back but I run with some ladies every Wednesday and I fully intend on getting back to doing some ab workouts at home in evenings too.

*Naughty hat*
Feb 26th '14 18:56 PM
I'm sorry you have slid back a bit and gained some weight, but I know how you feel. I am just now really getting back into the full-blown diet and exercise mentality after gaining almost 10 pounds over the holidays. Good luck to you!!
Feb 26th '14 20:45 PM
Well done on getting back on track. I've had an unhealthy day today so I need the naughty corner too!