Oct 11th '20 18:30 PM
My Muffin Top
One of my mini goals has always been to be able to wear leggings.
My shape don't suit them as I have fat thighs and a saggy bottom. I don't know why as I walk a lot.
So any advice on how to get over this?
Oct 19th '20 11:42 AM
Tone your legs.

I’ve always had bigger thighs so I definitely feel your pain although from a size 18 to 10 a handful of years ago my thigh progress was slow, it was almost a joke between my trainer and I in measurements days. I realised my legs didn’t look that bad and training increased my self esteem and confidence in certain clothes.

I mostly wear sports leggings though and recently I’ve bought some lovely casual and active leggings from www.lucylocketloves.co.uk and I like them a lot ... not like me to wear much kore than black tbh haha
Oct 20th '20 21:13 PM
I live in leggings. If you’re not feeling confident about looking firm in them...Try the Spanx or Rhonda Shearer brand.
I prefer leggings over any other leg coverings. Although my bottom isn’t saggy ... I do wear tops that cover that area.
More fashionable too.

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Nov 3rd '20 14:41 PM
I always have a long-line vest under my tops to cover up a bit