Squat PB

Apr 26th '16 13:30 PM
Yesterday I did a 1 rep back squat PB with 85kg (barbell)

Well made up
Apr 26th '16 14:40 PM
Oh wow, go you! I think I once just about managed a squat with a 15kg kettle bell, squats are so hard. Well done!
Apr 27th '16 10:25 AM
Oh geez, I can struggle doing squats just on their own, nevermind with any excess weights

I need to get back into doing squats... and planking... I loved doing the 30 day challenges, although they were so much harder than I expected when I first started them!
Apr 27th '16 13:23 PM
My workout buddy is super strong on her legs, we share the rack when we are in together and she's a massive push for me.

I do love it! Back lower though for reps x
Jun 13th '16 21:54 PM
That's fab Wobbles!! Well done! I know how great that must feel and am assuming it's 'ass to the grass'
Jun 14th '16 14:19 PM
That was not ass to grass haha but low enough.

Not done it since. I love the PBs but I have to say I'd rather spend my energy on reps than 1 rep and get a butt ... I have butt goals
Dec 8th '16 20:02 PM
Way to go Wobbles!!!
Nov 22nd '17 15:47 PM
Thats amazing
Jan 4th '19 22:01 PM
CONGRATS! Keep working hard!
Jan 7th '19 12:19 PM