July 100km Challenge

Jul 3rd '13 22:38 PM
An how long were you doing the bike for? GULP!
Jul 3rd '13 23:26 PM
I've done

2.6km in the 1st
5.2km on the 2nd
5.2km on the 3rd

So 13km so far!

Jul 4th '13 01:50 AM
45 minutes, love the bike. I use it like a spinning bike so fast then normal, then up resistance. Sometimes I'll only get 10km in that time, it depoends how I feel.

On the cross trainer I do 20 minutes and that's 7km but it's ten times harder so I like to add it in too
Jul 4th '13 14:17 PM
Jul 4th '13 21:13 PM
Today 20.4km, very hard tonight Hate night workouts and was gonna sack today but thought better of it
It'll be cross trainer tomorrow so only 6-7km

Jul 4th '13 22:27 PM
Blimey woman you're gonna land I a heap on the floor one day duvet ready? Haha
Jul 4th '13 23:23 PM

You know me, once I'm on it I'm on it Aiming for 5 weekdays and weekends giving these tired muscles a rest. I'll be sorer saturday/Sunday guaranteed
Jul 5th '13 11:36 AM
4km cross trainer...today I officially suck

5th day in a row and I need a rest but pleased I completed day 5 on week 1

So 78.4km/100km
Jul 6th '13 07:50 AM
Making us all jealous lol I'd bloody do it too though if I could! Totally need a TM in the garage!
Jul 6th '13 09:39 AM
I said I'd have the weekend off but yet I'm itching to get on bike maybe just Sunday off?