Lose a stone challenge!

Aug 31st '14 11:05 AM
So who is with me? You can set a lower target if you wish

I currently weigh 10st 5lbs so hoping 6-8 weeks if I stick to plan!
Aug 31st '14 11:30 AM
I can't join in sorry as I am around my goal weight already, but best of luck for those doing this challenge!!
Aug 31st '14 16:45 PM
I'll join you. I think I will also let myself have 6-8 weeks as things are a bit crazy here lol. I am 13 st 7lbs at the moment. Best of luck!
Jul 8th '15 14:34 PM
Hi, I'll join you! I'll start the stone countdown from tomorrow evening, after my official weigh in.
Jul 8th '15 15:38 PM
I'd love to lose another stone too although my target is less my shape this time seems bigger so I think I will have to keep going ...

Good luck mischa88 x
Jul 17th '15 21:03 PM
Hey I'm up for a stone loss although I will say up to 10 weeks to be on the safe side - I've got a weeks holiday in 2 weeks
Jul 21st '15 13:32 PM
I'm in! Going to set a realistic target of 10 weeks as well