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Almost four months

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Feb 17th '14, 03:55 AM  
SoSlim Rising Star
Join Date: Oct 2013
Posts: 283

Almost four months

since I quit smoking. This is the longest stretch I've ever managed. In the past, I'd get to three months and it would bite me again, but so far, I've managed to stay quit.

Here's to another two...then three...then four...and hopefully years after that. I never want to pick it up again. I'm too proud of myself for making it this far!
Feb 17th '14, 11:42 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2013
Location: UK
Posts: 7,880

Wow, that's amazing! Well done!
Feb 20th '14, 16:25 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
Join Date: Aug 2013
Posts: 407

Congratulations Poppy!

That is really an accomplishment. Good going, girl! I bet you feel so much better and have a lot more money in your pocket too.
Feb 20th '14, 19:39 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
Join Date: Jul 2013
Location: EC
Posts: 449

That is great! Until I actually picked up a personal vaporizer I never quite for more than a few weeks. I could go longer but I would always sneak in a smoke here and there.
Feb 20th '14, 21:03 PM  
Join Date: May 2013
Location: Here!
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That's amazing well done! I've never managed a week in now at a month I hope I never pick another cigarette up, I'd imagine it would knock me sick. I went away on the weekend and made sure my best mate went outside

Well done
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