Goals for the New year?

Dec 18th '13 13:01 PM
For me it will be exercise and fitness. Just try and eat as healthy as I can and for a change I really don't have to lose much/any weight

I kept fairly focused this year even when life threw massive swerve balls in my way. In the year after the birth of my son I spent recovering (had e/c/s then got ill....had to go back to theatre for open stomach surgery...then took septecaemia..small bowel blockage....colon collapsed...e coli...pneumonia..kidneys were failing and basically 10 days before xmas my family were called to the hospital with a view I might not make it...I was given 48 hours) so dieting was neither here nor there after that

The year after I lost 1 stone and this year....another 2!

Here's to health and happiness for us all in 2014
Dec 18th '13 13:04 PM
Good luck!

My goals are also diet and fitness related. I want to get back into the mindset that I had when I was dieting last year. I also want to get fitter and be able to do my whole kettlebell workout again instead of just 2/3s of it.

Dec 18th '13 13:33 PM
I've been doing Weight Watchers for a few weeks now and eating has always been more of a problem for me than working out, so I'm focusing on healthier eating this year. More fruits and veggies, less cookies and ice cream -- that kind of thing.
Dec 18th '13 14:51 PM
For me it's working on my abs and staying as a healthy eater x
Dec 18th '13 18:29 PM
I have taken the past few months off, I am still watching what I eat but I am going to finish tweaking the ideas that I have been working on for the past few weeks. Come the 1st of the year I will be aiming for 3-5 days a week to get back on track.
Dec 18th '13 19:15 PM
My only aim for next year is to complete this bloody 10k
Dec 20th '13 14:10 PM
Oh yer and that