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My dad's success story

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Oct 14th '13, 22:20 PM  
Socially Shy
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My dad's success story

Hope you don't mind me sharing this but I am truly proud of his achievements

My dad had a cancer scare last Christmas and was warned if he needed an op that his weight could make the surgery more risky..

He weighed almost 22 stone at 5ft 10. I dragged him along to a sw group in jan on the pretence of keep me company lol didn't think I'd stand a chance of getting him to go again with all the clapping!! But long and behold he has been an active member since end of jan this year missing only one class when we went to Italy and still returning with a loss!!!

Before he started he couldn't even do the level one on the gym bike at induction without sweating and panting now he goes 4 times a week for an hour and sails through!!

He is now 8stone 4lb lighter!!! And just half a lb from target!!!

He is a different man completely his fitness Is better than mine!!

His inspired me back on the diet wagon and hope he will others too! He may well be in the mag soon!!!

Lily x
Oct 14th '13, 22:37 PM  
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That's amazing. I'm struggling with 1 stone let alone 8. When you see someone do that it does give you the boost you need. Charls lost 4 stone and has given me the same kick up the bum
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Oct 15th '13, 08:26 AM  
SoSlim Addict
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Oh wow you must be so proud of him! I bet he's so glad you dragged him along!
Oct 15th '13, 13:20 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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That is very inspiring! I bet he feels so much better! You should be proud of yourself too.

How is your dad doing with the C-word scare? That turned out to be alright?
Oct 15th '13, 14:39 PM  
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That is such an amazing and inspiring success story!

Well done to your dad, he's done so well and must feel a lot better and fitter since losing all the weight

Oct 15th '13, 15:08 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
Join Date: Oct 2013
Posts: 50

Congratulations to your dad! I like to read about people who have achieved success. Kudos to you, too, for being a terrific supporter for him. You both inspire all of us.
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