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Advice for maintaining after 1200 calories?

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Jun 22nd '19, 16:08 PM  
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Advice for maintaining after 1200 calories?

Over the past few months I've lost 10kg (I was 155cm and 56kg, now 46kg, 14 years old) and I'm almost at my goal weight of 45kg. I stopped counting calories a week ago because I started developing disordered habits
but previously I was eating at 1200kcal a day. I don't move around much because of school and studying but I do work out most days for 10-15 minutes and I go swimming and horse riding once a week respectively. I started eating more because I heard your metabolism can get screwed over by not eating much and I've consistently been doing strength training (too young to lift tons haha), but I'm worried that I'll gain back the weight really quickly once I start focusing on maintaining.

I'll focus on eating healthily and I definitely won't revert back to my old unhealthy habits but I'm still a bit worried. Any advice and ideas on how much I should be eating? Should I start counting again?
Jul 3rd '19, 10:50 AM  
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Hi, Ive had disordered eating 6 years prior. You need to see some kind of doctor. Perhaps tell your school nurse/councillor. Anyone is better than nobody. You're not in a healthy state of mind right now, I know you may not see it, but I promise I can tell.

You wont regain unless you overeat. PLEASE seek help for your eating disorder. And yes you need to stop worrying about calories now.

My advice in terms of eating would be, eat healthy. Maybe even try veganism (Im vegan so obvs Im gonna say that XD) as it has helped me personally regain a love and passion for food, cooking and creativity. If you have an instagram, you can follow vegan accounts for inspiration. It can help seeing others loving food and being VERY creative with it. Food is art!

Either way, dont be 100% ONLY "healthy" foods or you'll slip right back into your unhealthy ed. Best way is balanced. Healthy MOSTLY. But the odd treat is good for your mental health. Dont neglect your physical OR mental health, they're both important

And again please seek help for disordered eating.
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