Help please

Sep 22nd '19 08:50 AM
After reading in the press etc how low carb has great health benefits and helps with weight loss I would like to lower my carb intake, but I love bread and potatoes. I'm not a great salad eater but I have been trying to eat more especially lunchtimes where I am replacing a sandwich with a salad and I try to have fewer potatoes with my evening meal but I don't think I could cut them out completely. My main problem is breakfast, what can I have that's not too much fuss to make and is filling? The only yogurt I like is Alpro Simply plain, though having said that it is many years since I ate a full fat yogurt.
As I said I need some help please, I don't want to eliminate carbs completely as too many restrictions would just cause me to give up entirely and binge but I don't want to end up eating full fat foods and carbs thus putting on more weight.
Sorry for the waffle