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May 20th '14, 12:41 PM  
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High carb foods

I was just reading Stephens post (http://www.socialslimmers.com/slimmi...html#post16879) and realised that I don't really know what foods are high carb. I didn't know that rice and potatoes where carbs, I thought they were ok when dieting.

Can anyone help out with carb food?

Bread and crisps I know are high carb. What else?
May 20th '14, 13:03 PM  
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Anything grain or potato based is usually super high in carbs. So bread, pasta, rice, crisps, chips, potatoes, pastry. I am trying to cut down on my carb consumption but still eat sweet potatoes.
May 20th '14, 13:32 PM  
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Rice, pasta, potatoes, pastries cereal and bread are foods I believe should be in moderation. Slimming world have rice, pasta and potatoes down as free and I just think this is wrong. I don't agree with no carb diets on the other hand but I did cut down bulking my food out with rice, pasta and potatoes and adding more healthier options to my meals like double up on veg with less potatoes.

Skipping out sugar, sugary jams, cakes, crisps etc which are high carbs is just sensible, they have no nutritional value.
May 20th '14, 21:56 PM  
Socially Shy
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Carbs are so tough. Im glad im not the only one who is lost
May 29th '14, 22:04 PM  
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I think the key is to distinguish between "good carbs" and "bad carbs."

Even potatoes, bread, rice and pasta can qualify as good carbs as long as they're not overly processed. On the other hand, heavily processed food is loaded with bad carbs and should be avoided.
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