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S Who Is Low Carbing - And Your Reasons Why?

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May 16th '14, 11:53 AM  
Stephen Reed
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S Who Is Low Carbing - And Your Reasons Why?

Thought someone ought to get this new forum going with a post.

I have been down the low carb road, and definitely think it is helpful for some people, although it seems to have developed into some dogmatic holy grail of diets in some circles.

Anyone doing low carb?

What does low carb mean to you (i.e. grams of carbs per day)?

What type of activity/exercise are you doing?

How do you feel?

How is your fat loss being affected?

Anyone interested in a discussion?
May 16th '14, 16:06 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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I find when I stick to little or no carbs my weight loss does increase compared to when I do have carbs. I'm not as bloated and do see a significant difference in inch loss around my stomach, even without exercise.

Although that doesn't mean I never have carbs. For me, my "diet" is a life change that I will continue for the rest of my life, as my relationship with food has never been healthy. So I mainly try to focus on having the right carbs, but control my portions. That's quite difficult, as I have an affinity with stodge

I was referred to a dietician at the beginning of my journey and she encouraged to have a balanced diet, which included some carbs.

I wouldn't say my weightloss is fast, and I'm going to the gym up to four times a week, and play netball twice a week.

May 19th '14, 08:28 AM  
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I do low carb every now and then...probably half the year. I never feel hungry...have more energy etc

Today I've restarted as I've overdosed on chocolate and this is the one way of eating I can stick to. Initially I'll do an induction for 2 weeks with very basic 20g net carbs and build it up to include more such as wholemeal products and oats.
May 31st '14, 14:00 PM  
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Years ago when I first wanted to lose, I did a really aggressive thing, similar to Atkins, super low carbs, normal fats and high protein. I didn't measure my carbs, I just cut out all white processed carbs; all pasta, breads, etc. I remember my nutritionist saying that if it was a carb and it was white, not to eat it. I lost a lot of weight, but I hear that is common when first starting a diet anyway, so I don't know...
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