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Low carb diet weight loss

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Low Carb Dieting

' Forum started by Mr_sleepy, May 4th, 2015 at 22:51 PM.
May 4th, 2015, 22:51 PM  
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low carb diet weight loss

hi all. Been on a low carb diet for about 3 months now. In the beginning i lost about half a stone in 2 weeks and afterwards it has been more steady at between 1 and 2 lbs a week. I recently had a holiday and although i stuck to the rules i ate too much and gained a couple of pounds. Now they have been coming off again but this week (i think week 11 or 12 of the diet) i lost 6lbs in a oner. I do know that the weight i am now is the least i have been for a long time, is it possible i have hit a pocket of water in my fat reserves that got released or perhaps i had a different "bowel configuration" this morning at the weigh in? Ive never lost so much weight mid diet before, has anyone else ever had this? Just took me by surprise a little, im nearly half the way to my target weight so should be overjoyed, are my scales broken?

For reference im not following any particular low carb plan, just basically cutting out all the empty filler carbs like bread,rice,grains etc as well as most sugars, junk food, anything that was man made etc etc. I started my diet at 21st and i'm 18.13 today, my target weight is about 16st and im 6,4 with big bones.

thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon
May 26th, 2015, 18:09 PM  
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Thanks for the reply. Was beginning to think this thread had gone stale already. The weight is still coming off steadily (2-3lbs a week) and i'm having no problems sticking to the rules. I actually really enjoy what i'm eating and feel plenty benefits which only makes me more determined to continue sticking to the plan. As an added bonus, ditching most sugars makes everything taste loads better In the first 2 weeks i lost a lot and then it was steady at 1-2lbs a week for several months. I was just concerned when in 1 week the scales said i lost like 5 or 6 lbs. I think i just recently hit a record low on my weight loss, i'm now lighter than i was 5 years ago when i got married and have dropped back down a whole belt size (XL38-44 to L32-38) which i'm chuffed about. No other complaints really. I do have 1 cheat day at the weekend where i'm allowed tattie scones and black pudding as part of a fried breakfast. Doesn't seem to affect the overall weightloss so im glad of a small mercy. What i'm currently thinking just now is that, in the past i yo-yo'd a lot between 18 - 20 stones and that somehow in the weightloss i reached/unlocked a yoyo layer of excess water/not so dense fat which was simple to remove hence the jump in the figures. Has anyone else ever seen/had anything of the like?
To answer your final question I am not counting the carbs i eat. I'm lazy that way so just general ruling out of certain food groups and replacing with others is what is working for me. I eat fruits, nuts, veg, meats, dairy, eggs and if i happen to eat out i just order what i fancy on the menu with no bread, or no pasta or something like that. I quite like ordering sandwhich filling without the sandwhich and getting a heap of salad to go with it. The restaurants round here always put loads on the plate cos they feel guilty when there is no bread to fill you up so you end up stuffed
Jun 9th, 2015, 15:17 PM  
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You lost 6lbs in a oner? Does that mean in one week? I've heard of men dropping that much weight in one week ... hey say men drop a lot more than women and it is true that both men and women drop more per week based on there weight. I dropped up to 4.5lbs at one point,

They do say throw in a carb day like David suggested. I eat low carb also and when I had pizza last weekend I dropped a couple of lbs have a high fat day too (good fats mind)
Well done on yoru weight loss so far how have you been getting on since?
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