Crazy cocktails!

Oct 11th '13 21:37 PM
My OH asked before if I wanted a drink, very unlike him, so I said just get me anything! I was presented with a glass of orange stuff - Malibu, gin and lucozade surprisingly it was actually quite nice! I am sitting giggling inanely now though has anyone else had any random cocktails that turned out to be quite nice?!
Oct 11th '13 22:05 PM
Haha really!

Stircrazy has made some mad ones, one with my cousin once but no idea of poison lol! x
Oct 11th '13 22:36 PM
I didn't know it had gin in til he told me, glad he did cos I'd probs have downed it otherwise my sister's having a cocktail party for her birthday in a few weeks which I'm quite looking forward to, although I'm guessing it'll be classier cocktails than that
Oct 12th '13 01:10 AM
I mixed Malibu, Kahlua, and Bailey's together once and it was so good that now I make them whenever I am in the mood for a drink. Dangerously good. Has a taste of chocolate, coconut, and coffee.
Oct 12th '13 11:10 AM
Ooooooo I need that! Sounds amazing!
Oct 13th '13 13:16 PM
It IS amazing! I put some Malibu in a tall glass with a few ice cubes and filled it 3/4 of the way with the Bailey's and then added a good splash of Kahlua to the top and stir it all up. Dangerously good.
Oct 16th '13 14:02 PM
I once had a caipirinha made with cachaça and guava juice. When made with fruit juices other than lime, a caipirinha is called a batida. It was the most delicious drink I've had in years. I am still working on trying to reproduce it at home.