Guess I best get back on it then!

Oct 6th '13 19:27 PM
We've just booked next year's holiday 10 nights in Cyprus! I'm so excited as not only is it beautiful, I spent the first 3 years of my life there!

Definitely getting back on the healthy eating and exercise though, I've got a target now I definitely don't want to get to summer and wish I'd started earlier! I was quite chuffed though, I said in the travel agents I needed to get back on the diet and she was like there's nothing to you you dont need to :yay:

I'm a tad excited
Oct 6th '13 19:55 PM
You must be very excited to finally go back to the country of your birth. I hear that Cyprus has some of the most amazing beaches in the world. I see you were chuffed by what the travel agent said;it's nice when people notice your efforts. The best part is that you have a whole year to look even better!
Oct 6th '13 20:30 PM
I'm so excited to go back! It's been 10 years since I last went! Everythings just so nice and all the people are lovely too! Knowing I have a year to shape up's great, this year I was really proud of how much I'd lost, but I still wished I'd done a bit more! Hopefully I'll be able to get toned by then!
Oct 6th '13 22:13 PM
Cyprus? I envy you! A year is plenty of time to shape up but it seems like an impossibly long time to wait for your trip. Ten nights is a good amount of time to be able to see a lot of sights.
Oct 6th '13 23:25 PM
I am sure it will be a blast. A friend of mine went years ago and said it by far her favorite place to visit. I am not sure when we are planning to take our next break but I hope it is in a warm place and no one is ill. The last time we headed out 1/2 of us were sick so the trip was wasted.
Oct 6th '13 23:41 PM
Yay for booking a hol!!! So jealous

its good to have a goal of some sort isnt it
Oct 7th '13 08:38 AM
Cyprus sounds great!

It's good to have something to work towards and can be really motivating