Just shared my bath with a spider!

Sep 22nd '13 22:03 PM
I was lying there relaxing, looked down and there was an effing huge spider floating about in the bath I may have sworn a lot! I don't mind spiders in general, they can do their own thing as long as they stay away from me! But it was in my bath!

They're out to get me tonight, there's one by my back door that I think may actually be a tarantula!
Sep 23rd '13 09:54 AM
Haha was it in the bath before you ran it? You murderer or was it water skating?
Sep 23rd '13 14:39 PM
I'd have screamed and cried at the same time lol!
Sep 23rd '13 15:40 PM
Scary! I hate big spiders!
Sep 23rd '13 19:26 PM
I would have broken my neck trying to jump out of the tub! I kill several spiders each week in here. I live near a large meadow and they keep crawling their way inside! I tell them that there is more to eat outside, but they don't listen.

I had one pop out from behind the shower curtain the other day. I had a bottle of Lysol shower cleaner nearby and I panicked and squirted it. Then I grabbed it up in some paper and flushed it. Still, that's not as bad as having one floating in the tub!

What is it with spiders and bathtubs?
Sep 24th '13 12:01 PM
I am absolutely terrified of spiders. I can't stand being in the same room with one. Sharing my bathtub with one would be as bad as the scariest scene in a horror movie; I would die of fear!
Sep 24th '13 13:28 PM
Oh goodness I'd of passed out!!! I'm petrified of them!
Sep 25th '13 09:36 AM
It definitely wasn't in there when i got in, so it must have climbed in mid bath we get loads and loads of the bloody things in ours, so I usually just leave them to it (unless they get in the way of the Hoover nozzle ) but I certainly draw the line at having them in my bath!
Sep 26th '13 12:57 PM
I wouldn't be so afraid of them if they weren't so sneaky. That and the fact that they bite! I hope I don't get more of them in the house than I do in the summer. This is not a resort for spiders looking for a warm place to spend winter!

I had a cricket in here the other day. It drove me mad with it's chirping.
Sep 26th '13 14:01 PM
Don't like the sound of loads of them ... I'd have moved house