Least favorite kitchen tasks

Sep 17th '13 14:44 PM
I hate washing dishes and scrubbing pots! I also hate peeling potatoes and am lazy enough that I will cook them with skins on so I won't have to do it. I also hate mopping the floor.
Sep 17th '13 14:48 PM
Washing up! And drying, I usually just leave to air dry! I hate mopping floors too, but love getting on my hands and knees and scrubbing them, which is a bit weird I really really want a steam mop though!
Sep 17th '13 15:04 PM
Peeling potatoes is a hate of mine too
Cleaning the oven ... so much it rarely happens haha minger
Sep 17th '13 16:28 PM
Mopping the floor, cleaning up the George Forman grill and cleaning up those pesky crumbs that are always around the toaster!
Sep 17th '13 17:55 PM
Oh god I forgot about the oven! Mines minging ATM, when it's on all you can smell is grease maybe that's a job for when the girls are at school next week!
Sep 17th '13 18:12 PM
I try not to think about my oven it may be simpler to just buy a new one!
Sep 17th '13 18:20 PM
Feel good when you do it though lol x

Haha @ buy a new one!
Sep 17th '13 18:31 PM
I hate having to put things back where they should go when others get in my kitchen. I am very picky about it and it drives my husband up the wall. He can stand in the kitchen and no matter where he is (it is an open kitchen into the dinning and living area) I can tell him what he is looking for and where it is.
Sep 17th '13 18:59 PM
I wish washing dishes could be abolished! It would be so much better if everything was disposable - wishful thinking never hurt anyone. I also hate dealing with the kitchen walls, even though it's not a frequent task. Bevziibubble's idea of buying a new oven is the best thing I've heard all week!
Sep 17th '13 18:59 PM
I hate keeping all my plastic containers and lids in order in the cabinet. It never fails that no matter how neatly I think I am trying to stack them, the lids come flying out whenever I open the door.

I hate mopping too. It's a wet mess and someone always wants to walk in there as soon as I finish!