Do you keep your "fat clothes" just in case?

Sep 1st '13 02:08 AM
My closet must have four sizes of clothes. I hate getting rid of any of the ones that are too big just in case I need them. Does that seem pessimistic to you?
Sep 1st '13 09:18 AM
I used to keep my fat clothes, but have gotten rid of them this time! I don't think it's pessimistic to keep them though! I just got to the stage where I decided enough was enough and I definitely wasn't going to put it back on this time. I think when I held onto the clothes, it didn't really matter if I gained a few lbs cos I always had a back up!
Sep 1st '13 10:06 AM
I agree i dont think it's pessimistic at all, but it:s so liberating throwing them out when u finally realise "i am never going back!" i have thrown quite a bit out rrcently but have loads to go thru.

Sep 1st '13 10:36 AM
I threw ALL of mine out a few months going back
Sep 1st '13 10:56 AM
I've been reminded from this that I need a shopping spree! I replaced all my fat clothes with shorts, dresses and t shirts and now the weather's turning I'm rather chilly it's well cold today and I'm in long shorts cos one of the kids spilt milk all over my jeans last night!
Sep 1st '13 13:01 PM
I need to get out of my fat clothes first
Sep 1st '13 15:02 PM
Quote by StirCrazy:
I need to get out of my fat clothes first
Sep 1st '13 15:56 PM
I think I need to make an agreement with myself that for every brand new thing I buy and put into the closet, one thing has to come out and be donated to charity.
Sep 1st '13 18:32 PM
That's such a good idea!!
Sep 1st '13 20:52 PM
I have a pair of jeans, just so I can take a photo of me in one leg for The Sun or something!