X factor!

Aug 31st '13 19:54 PM
Who's going to be watching?! I'm so excited, I love it!
Aug 31st '13 20:27 PM
I don't mind the early ones but that's it, I prefer strictly when it starts lol
Sep 1st '13 08:58 AM
I wqtch every year without fail! I dont really like the line up of judges this year tho :/

Sep 1st '13 09:05 AM
I love the judges this year! Although I'm not keen on Nicole! I love Sharon and I'm so glad she's back! My OHs annoyed there's no eye candy though he loved tulisa.

I used to love strictly, but haven't been able to get into it the last few years. I kist love watching the men dancing!
Sep 1st '13 10:46 AM
Love it although I don't like Nicole, she starys all that sxhmazeballs crap and rhen all I want ronfive her is a scmack
Sep 1st '13 10:48 AM
Wtf did that say.... fat fingers! *starts *then * to give
Sep 1st '13 13:54 PM

Sep 1st '13 15:05 PM

Yep I watch it. Some really do make my ears hurt
Sep 1st '13 16:27 PM
Ooh no I can't stand it. I watched it when it first came on TV years ago, but it's so obviously false and manipulated that it makes me cringe. Of course Simon made sure that he had plenty of publicity just before it began, didn't he?
Sep 1st '13 18:47 PM
LOL Mamafy!!!

Yeah Nicole irritates the crap outa me with all the shmazeballs rubbish!!

Gonna be watching it tonight I think