X factor!

Sep 1st '13 18:53 PM
Lol butters, he certainly did apparently he's going to marry her cos he's "old fashioned and wants to do the honourable thing", erm, how about not getting your best mate's mrs pregnant
Sep 2nd '13 00:18 AM
Haha so true PP! It's crazy, anyone else wouldve been vilified but not our Simon

what did u think of tonight?? Isn't it sly that they have to do two auditions??

Sep 2nd '13 07:36 AM
I like the 2 auditions! It kinda separates the wheat from the chaff, cos some people can be so good in a small room, but just fall apart in front of a big audience! Like ghat Justin bieber guy, I loved his first audition, but he just couldn't cut it!

I'm loving that tamera though, her voice is just amazing! I can't believe she's only 16!
Sep 7th '13 13:37 PM
Loving this back on ... I enjoy the auditions most, the idiots
Sep 7th '13 17:34 PM
Omg that model guy last week! The auditions are ace, I do tend to get a bit bored after that when it's just the ones that are actually good! My OHs got the bloody app and sits there voting as they're singing