Constant headaches?

Aug 21st '13 09:24 AM
How do you shift them?! I'm being plagued with them ATM I dunno if it's to do with my diet or if I'm sleeping funny or what. I eventually shifted it last night, but when I got in bed I could feel it coming back, so maybe it's the way I'm lying? I hate taking painkillers, but have been eating them like sweets!

My favourite way to try and shift them is coffee, that's totally the wrong thing to do isn't it?! must try and drink more water today!
Aug 21st '13 12:18 PM
Could it be stress? I get a lot when I'm stressed but I just drink a lot of water to get rid of mine
Aug 21st '13 13:11 PM
It could be stress, I've certainly got enough of that ATM I've only had 2 coffees today and will have another after my lunch, but then try and not have another for the rest of the day! I managed to shift it before, but it's coming back so had some more water and neurofen. I probs should put my glasses on too, might help
Aug 21st '13 18:52 PM
Depends how much coffee you usually drink to say your 2 cups earlier? Is it less than what you'd have normally had? If so yep that causes me headaches! x
Aug 21st '13 20:13 PM
I usually drink a hell of a lot! But I think I was making it worse yesterday by trying to power through it with coffee! It's been better today, I think I only had 4 cups. Although the Malibu and coke probs isn't doing me much good
Aug 22nd '13 01:03 AM
Caffeine withdrawal can cause headaches, but it sounds like you're chugging along with caffeine so that's not likely to be the cause. You could be dehydrated. Caffeinated drinks don't count in a daily fluid intake because of the diuretic effect, so you might need to drink more water and other clear fluids.
Aug 22nd '13 08:45 AM
Does Malibu count as a clear liquid?! I think it may have had something to do with my pillow! I swapped it the other day and then the headaches started, swapped back last night and I'm fine today! I lay funny when I was trying to get to sleep last night and felt the pain starting too! I must be trapping something or something!
Aug 23rd '13 23:08 PM
Caffeine withdrawal usually gives me headaches too.I was reading online the other day that to fight a headache you should drink two full glasses of water before trying medication because they are often caused by dehydration.
Aug 24th '13 08:48 AM
I'll try water next time! I usually wait til I really can't handle it anymore before I try tablets, cos I really dislike taking them! I'd rather fight things naturally if I can. Fingers crossed, I've been headache free for the last couple of days!
Aug 24th '13 09:39 AM
Saw this in the news the other day:

Before you say anything, it was written by a Woman