What a week!

Aug 16th '13 11:33 AM
God it's been non stop! Monday night I was just closing my eyes to go to sleep and the big one started crying, she wandered into my room, I picked her up and she announced she'd been sick so I was covered in it! And it was bloody everywhere! Ended up with her in my bed throwing up every 1/2hour!

The pair of us spent tues totally wiped out, but by weds we were fine! Whilst having tea the small one kept saying her tummy hurt and she felt sick, she's always saying her tummy hurts so we didn't think anything of it, especially with her sister having been ill! I went out for a fag, she came to the back door and was standing there talking to me and was saying she felt ill, I went to tell her to go inside cos it was bedtime and she threw up everywhere bad mummy! To make it worse, we have matting down at the back door, the industrial coir type stuff and it got all stuck in it

So it's just been a week of sick and shit and general Ming! I can't bloody wait for the
Holidays to be over!
Aug 16th '13 13:11 PM
hate it when anyone's sick in our house, OH has to deal with it and clean it up Hope you are all feeling better
Aug 16th '13 20:08 PM
My OH had to deal with his first lot of sick this week and ge actually surprised me how well he did! I was properly freaked out by it though, spraying perfume on my top and putting it over my nose and everything
Aug 17th '13 22:55 PM
Must be something going around because my both of my kids have been sick all week. I am absolutely fed up with cleaning up puke and poop.
Aug 19th '13 09:03 AM
Are they better now Hun? Luckily my small one only got it mildly, she's got the constitution of an ox must be all the stuff she picks up and eats
Aug 20th '13 15:33 PM
Aww hope all the kiddies are better x