School uniform?

Aug 8th '13 11:59 AM
Bit random, but I'm just wondering how much uniform you need when they start full time? The big one starts reception in sept and I'm trying to get organised! They've been in 3 days til now and she's had 2 pinafores and dresses and a couple of jumpers and a Cardigan.

Will I need 5 of everything or could I get away with 3/4 and hope she continues to stay relatively clean or do a midweek wash? I feel a tad clueless
Aug 8th '13 12:07 PM
I'd probably say maybe 2-3 then do a midweek wash? That's probably what I'd do but then again I don't know as my little girl is still only in nursery, she doesn't go to school until next Sept!
Aug 8th '13 12:59 PM
Rhys' uniform -
5 shirts (mix of long and short sleeved)
2 ties (because we can never find them in the mornings!)
2 jumpers
3 pairs of trousers

Ffions uniform -
about 5 pairs of tights
5 shirts (mix of long and short sleeved
3 cardigans
2 summer dresses
a mix of 5 pinnys/skirts

Ffion always gets her uniform filthy!
Aug 8th '13 16:07 PM
Brooke has

2 skirts
2 pinafores
1 pair of trousers (she prefers to wear skirt and tights)
5 x polo tops
5 x tights
2 x cardigans
Aug 8th '13 18:17 PM
So it's best to get 5 polo shirts then? I like her in pinafores cos they stop the t shirts getting so dirty she can usually get away with a pinafore for 2 days, the small one needs a full change every bloody day!
Aug 8th '13 20:44 PM
I would def get 5 shirts, one for each day!
Aug 9th '13 21:02 PM
2-3 Dresses
Socks (to begin with)
5+ tights (always end up with holes - depends how many are in packs)
5+ shirts (depends how many in pack again)
At least 3 cardis
1 PE set

Aug 10th '13 20:31 PM
I get 5 of everything for Jack, one PE kit, and a million socks!

5 of everything means i can just wash them all together at the weekend. Its just convenience for me. x
Aug 10th '13 20:51 PM
My big one's a right fanny and tends to be too careful to fall over much, so her tights have lasted 18m granted she switches to socks after Easter and they probs haven't fitted in a couple ofonths, but I still can't believe they've lasted! The small one however doesn't give a shite and apparently even has the boys going up to teachers shocked at what she's doing *rollseyes* her uniform doesn't last quite as long! I think her tights lasted a week
Aug 11th '13 15:25 PM
Yer I'm forever topping up the tights!

I dread dipping into the pocket for this years stuff... tbh they have a couple of dress' they were only in for a couple of weeks as they both had a growth and I'm sort of wondering why buy new if these fit and are pretty much new!

Its the school shoes that are a flipping nightmare ££££!