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Discuss: Grandmother, 58, who says her beauty stops traffic!

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Jun 25th '15, 12:46 PM  
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Discuss: Grandmother, 58, who says her beauty stops traffic!


What do you make of this story?

I think her self esteem and confidence are great, you should feel good in and outside of your body its healthy but ... is 'this' healthy?

She claims to turn heads and gets a lot of attention due to her looks believing she looks 2 decades younger but put to the test she barely got a reaction on the streets of London. I don't think any double takes people have had in the past will be for the reasons she claims.

I'm not saying she doesn't look good for her age because she definitely does but don't talk some shit with it ... I'd not doubt she attracts male attention from those around her age, who'd blame them but to throw yourself fin the media over exaggerating is cRaZy!
Mrs Arnott, who believes she looks at least two decades younger than her years, said women are intimidated by her and that her beauty has reduced men to tears and stopped traffic.
Mrs Arnott, who believes her looks have almost caused car crashes and even cleans her car while wearing a bikini.
Great confidence in herself and her body but blooming mad with it
Jun 26th '15, 20:46 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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I too think she looks her age but also that she looks good.

Be who you are. I don't know why people put themselves through these situations on TV etc.

Belle xx
Jun 27th '15, 14:02 PM  
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I think she looks her age too but she does look good
Jun 29th '15, 10:33 AM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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Thinking of this again they must get paid for such stories? I wonder how much, I'm sure I could make something up
Jun 30th '15, 13:08 PM  
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I agree... she looks her age, but looks good for it... although I do believe that some people can have too much self-confidence.
Don't ge tme wrong, there's nothing wrong with having plenty of self-confidence (I wish I had a drop of it!) but some people 'love themselves' too much... but maybe that's just my jealously because I'd love to be more confident lol
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