This is Irony!

Jul 10th '13 21:11 PM
So today I put on my 3/4 length black combats them Was doing the washing this evening to get it out on the line and pulled out my new white long shirt and feck... Coffee stain AND Ribena stain

So I do a quick google...

vanish-have none
White vinegar-none
Baking soda-none

So I scrub with soap and nothing
Brown vinegar nothing
Bicarb of soda :nothing

And then thought last resort bleach

Worked like an absolute dream on both stains within seconds

So rinsed then back in the machine for quick wash...chuffed

Come outside to hang the rest of the washing out and huge Bleach stain on new trousers

And this is irony..... :|
Jul 10th '13 21:18 PM
Aw no!!!! how annoying! Thats something that would happen to me!!
Jul 10th '13 21:21 PM
I'm going to colour it in with permanent marker
Jul 10th '13 21:27 PM
Oh no!! I avoid bleach these days as I'm a nightmare with it! I managed to get bleach splatters all down the big one's school Cardigan the first day she wore it. 13 it bloody cost me!

I ruined my favourite dress today it's all chiffony on the bottom and I caught it on the Velcro on the small one's new trainers! Gutted!
Jul 11th '13 11:47 AM
Oh no! I've turned so many clothes orange with bleach!
Jul 11th '13 15:00 PM
Oh no!

I use bleach for stuff nob cringes at but yer you should rinse in sink REALLY well then do 1 HOT wash after the bleached item with a coloured towel or something old to test on.

I hate bleach

Also we used CIF/Flash and if anyone is getting random holes on their clothes around the belt line etc it's CIF/flash on work surfaces... lethal!
Jul 11th '13 16:22 PM
Omg I use cif and flash and wondered where all the bloody holes came from! Smells so nice though! My mother would tell me that's what aprons are for
Jul 11th '13 17:13 PM
Took us a while to work it out! Apron though? You'd need one on constantly its sits on the work top when you think about it. Same as you miss the fresh smell but it was a nightmare, so many clothes ruined x
Jul 11th '13 17:36 PM
I think my mum lives in hers lol! Even in the panic when the small one was born, she still managed to grab an apron
Jul 11th '13 18:31 PM