What are you reading?!

Jul 9th '13 22:37 PM
Bit random I'm reading Anne frank's diary for like the millionth time! I read it a few times when I was younger and it's strange how much more you get from it with an older pair of eyes! Her half-sister's just released a book and I'm going to get hold of that once I've finished this!

I don't really *do* fiction books, but I did read the Rosie Project whilst on holiday and loved it! I just have a real fascination with other people's lives! Maybe I should become a psychologist or something
Jul 9th '13 22:40 PM
I'm not a book person, don't seem to have the attention span to read a magazine

But I have been meaning to pick up Bernie Nolan's (R.I.P) autobiography and michael mcIntyre's xx
Jul 10th '13 07:37 AM
I've got Michael McIntyres! Well, OH has, it's the only book he's read since school if you want me to pop it in the post, let me know!
Jul 10th '13 10:17 AM
I don't read book so much anymore. Last book I read was Kitchen Confidential (Anthony Bourdain). Liked the book, not a big fan of him (anymore). I did start Yes Man, but I've had the book since before the film and never read more than a few pages at a time (think the film put me off ).

I need quiet and be undistracted to read... probably why I haven't read much since having kids
Jul 10th '13 10:21 AM
Yea I don't read as much now at all! Although I can probably recite stickman and various princess bloody poppy books
Jul 10th '13 10:45 AM
One of my daughters (14) is huge into books, always reading I said I'd get her a kindle for xmas and she was horrified she said it would spoil it for her. She likes going to the library and buying books and of course mummy buying her books
Jul 10th '13 15:23 PM
a kindle'd ruin it for me too! My mum and dad have got them for when they're on holiday, but they still prefer proper books!
Jul 10th '13 17:17 PM
Wouldn't know a book if it slapped me in the face
Jul 10th '13 18:35 PM