Pancake day

Feb 17th '15 15:46 PM
Happy pancake day!

Is anyone having pancakes today? What are you having on yours??

Feb 17th '15 20:39 PM
Oh love pancakes! why I forgot about this day? but it's for good! I am on a diet after all
Feb 18th '15 19:21 PM
I was good too and didn't have any! I made them for my husband though and they turned out well for once! He had lemon and sugar on them.
Feb 23rd '15 14:36 PM
I did cave at my friends. She had lots of options but I stuck to lemon and sugar.

Belle xx
Feb 23rd '15 14:38 PM
I pinched some off the end of the girls pancakes... it was hard to resist having a nice thick pancake with lot's of sugar, syrup and *drool* in the wrong company of friend I think I would fail.