Friday Night Thread!

Jun 28th '13 15:32 PM
So what is everyone up to this evening?

It's most definitely PJs and a vodka for me tonight and a date with the laptop. Will be on here if anyone else is about.
Jun 28th '13 16:56 PM
I'm apparently going to the pub! A friend's band is doing a gig. It's pissing sown though and I want my jamas on!
Jun 28th '13 17:34 PM
Go in ya jamas? Lol
Jun 28th '13 17:46 PM
Nothing!! Chill and watch a film I think, boring lol
Jun 28th '13 19:11 PM
nothing here! Might make Martin go buy me something nice in a bit haha
Jun 28th '13 19:13 PM
Belle I am shocked lol ...

Go away with your nice things Gemma
Jun 28th '13 19:31 PM
I got a cold glass of squash... I went can I have something nice... he went yeah and came back with that.
Jun 28th '13 19:32 PM
Well i had a lil nana nap 5-6 cos i was knackered (had a busy week) and nothing tonight. Job searching, soaps, and a big bowl of jelly, strawberries & muller in a bit. Woop for the exciting life!!
Jun 28th '13 19:51 PM
Oh I needed one of them today!!!
Jun 28th '13 20:39 PM
First time ive dozed in the afternoon for ages. Wasnt quite asleep but the peace and darkness was bliss for an hour. Had my busiest week in ages, and im so looking forward to a lie iin tomorrow!!