Who uses the mobile version?

May 31st '14 11:01 AM
Got a quick question for you

I made a small change so you get a small preview of the first post before you click on a thread.

Me and Charls can't work out if it's better that way. What do you think?

Jun 2nd '14 08:58 AM
I use both and noticed it

I think its better although it took me a minute to figure out whether it was on about op or recent post
Jun 2nd '14 09:30 AM
I don't use the mobile version often, but I had a look and I do like the way that a preview of the first post has been added. I think it's a good new feature to have.

Jun 2nd '14 10:12 AM
Tapatalk doesn't work with some of my modified code so I pretty much took inspiration to turn the mobile version something tapatalk users would recognise Still tweaking it, but at least it's semi useable
Jun 3rd '14 08:40 AM
Its a great feature