Tummy troubles (poss tmi!)

Apr 15th '14 08:24 AM
I'm having right trouble with my tummy! I'm sp uncomfortable and bloated and haven't "been" for a good few days does anyone have any ideas on how to make it better? I went for a long run yesterday and a long walk Sunday but it's not helped! And I had chilli last night I've got some prunes in the cupboard but I'm a little reluctant!
Apr 15th '14 08:35 AM
Drink loads of water...eat extra fibre. All bran and banana and you'll be away
Apr 15th '14 08:47 AM
I've not got any all bran, will have to go to the shop! Have been trying to up my water intake anyway so it's a good reason to drink more!
Apr 15th '14 13:02 PM
Plenty of fruit and vegetables, high fibre carbs as opposed to white bread/rice etc. Kiwi fruit is supposed to be pretty much as good as prunes and plenty of water That's what I have picked up along the way anyway
Apr 15th '14 14:31 PM
sorry shouldn't laugh we all get it now n then
wheatabix always does it for me, but then I have always been sensitive to wheat
Apr 15th '14 15:01 PM
Thanks! I've never really had this problem before lol! I've been eating White bread recently which I think hasn't helped! Going to eat some prunes in a min I think!
Apr 15th '14 15:03 PM
Lots of fibre, fruit and veg. Sometimes strong coffee can help. Hope the prunes work if all else fails!
Apr 15th '14 17:42 PM
All bran and a banana like Mamafy said
Apr 15th '14 22:02 PM
Happy to report I've been I'm still not quite right, but at least things are, *aherm* moving in the right direction I'll be getting some bran flakes and brown bread too, I've been so lazy eating wise that it's probably made my system slow down!
Apr 16th '14 03:01 AM
It can happen. Eating more dark, leafy greens will help. Apple juice is a good alternative to prune juice, and it's a little gentler on your stomach. Pears are also good sources of soluble fiber.