Getting my hair cut, coloured and highlighted!

Jun 16th '13 16:19 PM
Tomorrow as it's shorter now it's outgrown the style abit so cut tomorrow. I'm putting a brown in it tonight then she's putting a few blondes in for me It's been a while I had highlights the past few years and loved them but then got too much in last September and kept it for 3 weeks then darkened it down. But I'm ready for abit of lightness and brightness
Jun 16th '13 16:37 PM
Whoop whoop! I love having my hair done, although it's a rare treat for me! Particularly as half a head of highlights are like £100 here *faints* I'm growing my colour out ATM as I keep forgetting to dye it haha, although I found some greys a few weeks ago *sobs*
Jun 16th '13 16:53 PM
Love getting my hair done. Makes feel great!
Jun 16th '13 17:59 PM
I badly need mine doing, it's only just thickened up again after losing a load after the baby was born
Jun 16th '13 19:39 PM
That'll be a nice treat for you! We'll need pics!
Mine needs doing too, 'cept theres a stack load of other things that need paying for too atm.
Jun 16th '13 19:49 PM
I made my OH chop a few inches off mine a couple of weeks ago cos I was sick of putting it off constantly when something else cropped up! The ends were totally dead cos of how long it was and it was really pissing me off! He did a good job of it actually although I was crapping my pants!
Jun 16th '13 22:07 PM
Ah I'm lucky it's my cousin doing it so she charges me peanuts and does it free for my birthday and Xmas Yeah it'll be a nice treat and a chance to spend some time with her too xxx
Jun 17th '13 17:51 PM
Aww that's nice! My best friend charges me peanuts too, which is awesome!
Jun 17th '13 20:23 PM
WOOT WOOT! Do you like it?

I'm getting mine done too ... I dyed my hair weekend to brown and on Thursday shaped and highlights too x
Jun 17th '13 21:09 PM

I change my hair colour quite a bit LOL. I've been brown for a few months now but I'm like you and thinking of getting some subtle hi lights again after watching a video of DD's first birthday and seeing my hair on it HAHA x