FAO Admin

Jun 15th '13 21:17 PM
We soooooo need a girlies room. Especially now my long term wenchie is on here. We have a lot of catching up to do and it's not for prying man eyes haha xx
Jun 15th '13 21:22 PM
Lol I will discuss with nob! really unsure how to work it with it being a forum open to all not just mainly females etc x
Jun 15th '13 21:25 PM
Yeah but some women might want to discuss firming up fat fairies and boobs and some dudes might want to discuss bitch tits or pouches of flab hiding their 'member' surely different sex rooms would be appropriate for embarrassing gender specific problems?? Lmao! Xx
Jun 15th '13 21:34 PM
Hahaha I will put forward your points

Jun 15th '13 21:35 PM
is there a way of toning up a saggy fairy?!

Tbh I'd be happy with just a private area even if men could access too!
Jun 15th '13 21:36 PM
I didn't wanna ask .... Lol
Jun 15th '13 21:39 PM
Well I bliddy hope so coz my box has even got stretch marks! Rofl.
I must admit that the moofy loses weight with the rest of you. Even feel lose weight and drop a size, that proper puzzled me last time I went shoe shopping but the shoe selling bird confirmed its true xx
Jun 15th '13 21:40 PM
* feet not feel lol xx
Jun 15th '13 21:43 PM
Fat fairies Pahahaha
Jun 15th '13 22:13 PM
I've got a huge stretchie about 2" wide in place of a landing strip! Bloody kids!