I was good!

Feb 15th '14 23:22 PM
I had to go to the store to pick up a couple small items. There was a huge rack of chocolates and Valentine's Day items on sale and some of them were up to 80% off!

I kept walking. I almost turned around... but I didn't.

That's one in the win column for me.
Feb 16th '14 08:58 AM
Yay well done! I don't think I'd have been able to walk past
Feb 16th '14 14:59 PM
Well done! It's so hard but you must have felt great afterwards!
Feb 16th '14 17:06 PM
I ran into this yesterday when I was shopping at the mall and Walmart. I did not buy one single thing! I did look at the prices but nothing even appealed to me. I think my body told my head that I did not want or need it.
Feb 17th '14 01:03 AM
Great feeling when you resist
Feb 17th '14 10:47 AM
Congratulations! It always feels really good to be tempted, overcome the temptation, and just walk on by. It makes you feel strong, like nothing can get to you!