Job application - how long?!

Feb 9th '14 12:43 PM
How long would you expect it to take from applying for a job to hearing something? I handed in my cv somewhere on Friday and the lady seemed quite keen and asked a few questions. But I dont know how long it'd be before they got in touch, tbh I don't think they've had many applications as it involves working Saturdays and not many people want to do that I'm just impatient really!
Feb 9th '14 15:03 PM
If you handed it in on Friday then I wouldn't expect to hear yet. Probably Monday at the very earliest. I know it's hard, but be patient! And good luck on the application, it's a good sign that they seemed interested!
Feb 9th '14 18:47 PM
I would just try to focus on getting another job. I have noticed that when I stop thinking about the thing that I need or want, it will show up or pop into my life without me realizing it.
Feb 9th '14 21:07 PM
That's a good point avocado to be fair, I've spent all weekend searching and applying for jobs, I must have looked at thousands of ads

Bev, I wasn't expecting to hear this weekend really, but just wondered if I might maybe get a call in the next few days! I'm guessing it's a how long's a piece of string thing!
Feb 9th '14 21:40 PM
I hope you hear very soon! Some companies can take their time even when really keen. Good luck!
Feb 12th '14 14:19 PM
I got the job got the call earlier! So chuffed! Although I now don't have a clue what to wear! It's one of those posh homewear type shops and I was thinking black trousers and a jumper? My mum reckons black trousers and a black top. God why did I never pay attention to what people were wearing when I went in in the past?!
Feb 12th '14 15:13 PM
Woohooo!! Congratulations!!!

I think it sounds great what you're planning to wear. Hope all goes well!

Feb 12th '14 15:32 PM
Thanks hun! I need to have a hunt and see if I've actually got any black trousers, I think I may have a pair that are over 10 years old I binned all my others as they were too big!
Feb 12th '14 17:04 PM
I have that problem with trousers too!
Feb 12th '14 19:58 PM
The old ones were too big! So I've got to go shopping, which will be a pain cos I hate trousers shopping! I've got really short legs an it's a nightmare to get them to fit!